How can the 80-20 rule give you maximum results for minimal input?

I stole the layout for my about page directly from here, the first result on google, effectively I’m ‘80-20ing’ this about page, I’ll find out soon enough if I’m getting maximum results and let you know.

 Section 1: A Persuasive, Benefit-Driven Headline

 Eh, nailed it.

Section 2: A Short, Reassuring Benefit-Driven Introduction

 This blog or least the lessons contained in it changed my life drastically…for the better. At the very least the blog should give you ideas on how you can improve any area of your life with minimal inputs. I did this for college, health and fitness, work, home life and many more areas of my life.

 The posts are always practical, mostly because I’ve literally done those steps and had great results from them, so why wouldn’t I share them, but also because I hate reading airy fairy advice on any subject and I’ve vowed to never do the same.

 Look, I cannot guarantee that my methods will work for you, but I can promise that they have worked for me. I do not assume there isn’t a better way to achieve some of the things I discuss, or that my way is the best, all I can do is state what I did and the results that it had, you may disagree with how I do things and that’s ok, I just hope it provides as much value as it did for me.

Section 3: Social Proof, Testimonials, And Other Reassurance

I have no social proof, no testimonials…yet…but I will add as much proof as I possibly can to each post. On that note let me share the reasons why I created this blog:

  1. Writing down and sharing the steps and habits I use reinforces them in my mind and pushes me to continue them.

  2. I’m on a mission to make this blog popular so I can finally figure out how to market actual products online (basically I’m trying to find out the minimal effort needed to make something broadly popular or get the word out to a captive audience, the 80-20 of marketing).

  3. People don’t like being preached to (of course I hate it too), but god damn it I love preaching (who doesn’t) especially on something I’m actually passionate about, so this blog enables me to do that, at least to those that want to listen, and I can then curtail it when around my friends and family.

Section 4: Finally, Here’s Where You Can Jump Into Your Personal Story

I’m Karl, I’m a 30-year-old living in London with my long term girlfriend. I work in an investment bank as a business analyst and I run a wildly unsuccessful (so far) business (catering to finance industry) and I’m somehow the absentee owner of a small (mildly successful) business in Ireland. In addition, I spend my time coming up with new ideas, business or otherwise, to attempt to bring value to others (but mostly to try and make a little bit of passive moolah!)

 But all you really need to know about me is that I’m inherently lazy, always have been, hence my passion for the 80-20 rule. Through that laziness, I believe I’ve found some ingenious ways to get big results from small amounts of inputs.

 Section 5: The Closer

 I want you to subscribe to my blog. Why? So my ideas are validated I suppose, so that maybe I can help you, that you can help me and others, and so that I can actually say what marketing works and what doesn’t (and then maybe write a post on that for others).

If you subscribe you will join many others in getting weekly updates as I attempt to make the complex simple. You can always simply unsubscribe if you don’t get any value from it, I will delete you from my email list and never bother you again. It takes minimal input to subscribe but it could provide you with some amazing results.

About Me

This is where a writer pitches to his audience about how great he his.

I own three businesses. Two make no money at all. One makes a small profit. I could say I’m CEO/Lead Dreamer of three exciting and profitable startups. I could say I’m a successful entrepreneur. But I most certainly am not those things.

I’ve invested in a few of my friends ideas. One of which makes a little profit. The rest, not so much. I earn enough money to be an accredited investor. I can buy options in Twitter right now if I wanted to. I could say I’m an early stage startup investor – invested in companies such as Twitter. But I most certainly am not this.

I have a degree in Theoretical Physics, a master’s in Economics and a nearly 10 year career in investment risk. I could say I’m an expert in one or more of those fields. But that would be an insult to actual experts in those areas.

I’m not an entrepreneur.

I’m not an expert.

I’m not an early stage investor.

I’m not a billionaire.

I could easily tell you otherwise of course. And as you can see from the above I could claim some basis for doing so. Which is more than most who’ve lied about similar.

People need to seem extraordinary in order to gain some attention. That fact won’t change anytime soon. But over time what is deemed extraordinary becomes the mundane, and vice-versa.

I believe being extraordinary in these times is to be honest and open about my flaws. It’s to be accepting of my fairly average role in life. It’s to known that I’m not some unique flower that’ll everyone will soon notice and applaud. It’s to live a happy life, not care free, but to just enjoy the simple and mundane.

Now I can’t prove I’m any of these things either. But just like we all read the people with sometimes questionably résumés, maybe you can give me a shot too.